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  1. :lol: i hear ya, there are countless priceless expressions in calvin & hobbes personally, shitty fan work/misc. tributes like these make me lol, mainly because they fail so hard why the fuck is his hair green? from the actual comic, calvins evil/grumpy faces are hilarious. there is one about his dad taking photos for his family christmas card with a polaroid, where they show you the results (definite win). another memorable expression is the strip where his dad tells him about he/moms decision to give him allowance to learn the value of money. he instantly goes off with the funniest evil smirk about how he can now buy power/fame/friends/world control, & keeps ranting maniacally while his dad walks away disappointed kinda hard to see, one of his many grumpy faces in the last panel but enough derailing on my part, good to know youre a fan seyer!
  2. spaceman spiff not a creative post on my part, but im a calvin & hobbes enthusiast so
  3. hurt myself/ruined clothes by getting blood on them from skating
  4. Re: Great Pictures~ the last two are awesome not sure if thats where theyre from, but they should make a vietnam verson of COD & include those insane traps there was a thread about
  5. butter soda actually sounds pretty good though id try them all, especially turkey & gravy
  6. id go back in time to a few years ago, play the stock market, & retire with more money than i could possibly imagine how to spend
  7. i have a theory it involves aliens, the government, & 1776 signs of the apocolypse disguised as gophers
  8. i dont know how true it is, nor do i care, but i saw a pretty interesting documentary claiming hitler was a speed addict not in the form of crystals of course, but injections his doctors gave him before public speeches he was eventually addicted to photos of medical records were displayed, but history has/can been re-written, so i brushed it off & went about my business
  9. man, if buying 50 chips isnt enough, they better not be weird virtual girls with gigabytes for nipples that come for free with the chip anyway, but a busload of victoria secret models before any legitimate transactions are made, ill need you to fly over one model from said company that i can wife as a sign of your sponsors good faith or 20
  10. thats the nature of talk they used about the kool aid in jonestown! sign me up for 50, so i can implant them in a manner that are protruding slightly from my forehead as a microsoft logo you know, to get the girls & such
  11. this is not creepy at all im sure it doesnt come with irreversable consequences that dooms mankind as for that new xbox, its has a sinister vibe not that id ever buy it, too much work involved in the gameplay chupacabra explained it well it probably has aim assist too fuck that id like to see how metal gear solid works for this though
  12. rolled with a post-it never again
  13. mosluggo, it may be. the reception area is exactly as i remembered i dont know what theyre called, but they give you a black plastic disk with red lights that flash when your table is ready is the piano around the bottom of the stairs remotely close to the private omlette bar? judging by the height, i think it is, because i recall seeing many rooftops with nice in-ground pools around it was the greatest meal i didnt pay for
  14. zebra, if hes any good at skating, buy him a blank he'll understand
  15. propped for this reference daria is an awesome girl (yes, despite the fact that shes fictional) her & janes personalities are both wife status this is actually quite a deep show that raises many questions
  16. chicago is awesome. last time i was there, i was taken out for dinner to this hardcore yuppie restaurant at the top of a building with a great view of everything around the canals, the beach, & the financial district. they had a pianist & $15 cups of cherry coke the financial district also looked like a skate heaven i will make sure to eat at the weiner circle if i go back, just not during their rush hours when all the cunts pile in. drue opened my eyes to the quality of the actual weiner, i thought it was as he put it, "oscar meyer faggotry" :lol:
  17. sweet science fair photos chocula that giant mousetrap board is too awesome & nice hat suki. your pugs are always amusing
  18. http://12ozprophet.com/forum/showthread.php?t=122810&page=2&highlight=grinds+gears now the question, which one? i am indifferent, for details of my ground down gears have already been posted
  19. cover the water in toilet paper, it will never happen again. it may clog if you use too much, but if its not your toilet, who cares :huh: -peoples BO in tight public places -insomnia -everything else
  20. i guess he used it as an icon of the city he is proud to be from, a symbol of the working class? which reminds me to ask you, are these hotdogs any good? or are they lips/assholes with colouring like every other kind?
  21. fucking obnoxious yuppies (especially that dirtball that made a wise comment about them going on a crack break, despite already having his food i hope he chokes to death on) a war against eternal waves of hungry & unappreciative idiots, only my kitchen peoples know what its really like respect
  22. nah, i got it i know organizations like these all accept donations, i was merely referring to the upfront suggestions to donate displayed at the top of their page im over it though
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