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  1. Re: ANIMATED GIF HALL OF FAME SUPERTHREAD you guys wont let me have this one huh? :huh: either way, i think we can agree lions rule
  2. that picture of crusaders sums it up pretty well fuck a holy war, especially against music
  3. the smell of these are actually a little tempting
  4. Re: ANIMATED GIF HALL OF FAME SUPERTHREAD i didnt realize :lol: apart from that, same deal
  5. dinosaurs are like guns - cool to the general male population, regardless of age
  6. kill piglet close thread fry bacon eat said bacon while looking at the good threads
  7. Re: ANIMATED GIF HALL OF FAME SUPERTHREAD it was a fuzzy hug, but he was forced into it. that lion couldve ripped out the back of his head the guy knew he was simba's bitch from the get go & its probably a good thing he stayed still hes now got a story about almost being raped from the other side of the cage by a lion to slur when hes hammered, good for him
  8. never understood why people make these videos of gay little markers they PAID for, line them up, & talk like theyre schooling anyone anyone?
  9. yellow dress girl next to the cock cakes is hot assuming she doesnt have her own
  10. AIDS: like being eaten out by a dinosaur edit* ^ he beat me to it nh
  11. hes hiding in plain sight, as a statue of himself in a wax museum genius edit* just caught a clip of one of those stupid shows based on celeb rumor/lives & it said 12 idiot fans have killed themselves so far doesnt sound 100% confirmed, but i wouldnt be surprised
  12. protect your dictionaries the future aeons must know our grandchildren must use this word againt his on a daily basis
  13. is this because of that south park episode? untalented narcissist with GAY sunglasses, good luck redefining that word :lol:
  14. stolen food tastes better not a huge fan of cold sandwiches, but the hot foods in grocery stores are usually directly next to them. this girl that worked at a deli/hot foods in a grocery store used to feed me after every closing shift (pastas/chicken/perogies/etc). they throw it all out at the end of the day anyway its a shame to see so much food getting tossed daily. if only there was a teleportation device with a moral compass that couldnt be tampered with, that only accepted food & directly sends it to a starving person elsewhere
  15. lol at him impressing the crowd by dropping down a foot.5 ledge
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