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  1. I was just watching some episodes of downtown, not bad. Mtv used to have good shows before they went to nuyhing but reality shows

    downtown was (& is) the shit, man. not sure if you were posting again when we were all about it in the 445 but shit done been dissected. the episode where they go paint was sprayhiphops. also, the train race one

  2. Its lost.

    Sorry guys.

    Growing pains...

    damn. just like that? an accidente & swept up with the other 1-2 page wait threads? because this one had hundreds of pages. try to see if you can get it back, man.. & if it was deleted on purpose, at least let us know why


    shit smells aidsy

  3. Word bond. Saw your post before it disappeared tho. :handfist:

    word :handfist:


    Also watched that season of south park. Was it last? The one that was one big story with PC principal and sodosopa. Was amusing.

    PC principal was amusing.. especially when he was freaking out at seeing himself in the ad & going all, "wtf bro? wtf?!? what going on bro??"


    jimmys pretty dope

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