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  1. cant stand these wack fucking stickers but i do give you some credit for persistence
  2. file down 12 pennies and jam their doors. or just use gum
  3. fist, how the hell are ya? hope colorado is treating you well still collect antique sprays?
  4. michael jacksons dead ass is a fireman now
  5. college. couldn't finish that shit. my marks were through the roof too (doesnt matter but still bragging), before i stopped caring. regardless, i respect that youre pushing through it props for not drinking - one of the things i was struggling with in my absence. still haven't stopped completely nor do i plan to, but its being handled well for now havent had a cigarette since the winter. it sucks and doesnt
  6. it like t0tally makes me want to, like spray tag pop punk lyrics over it! is that what you want to hear? UGH TWO YEARS LATER
  7. brickos, i thought you wanted a severed lion's head for a couch pillow at first i am disappoint
  8. yo mass. if you still lurk this shit do let us know
  9. id punch an endangered aquatic mammal for some sushi right now
  10. theres this dude who lives in my neighbourhood and hes out of his mind. usually, he walks around in the evenings and grumbles incoherently but today, he stepped up his game and was standing next to the main street, wearing a bandana and waving an oar at traffic. i kind of feel bad for him because once in a while, ill catch him playing guitar outside and hes actually good
  11. whats up man, you and fist are still doing it -kudos for going down with the ship i hope your tribulations with the law and drinking and all that has worked out the last 1.some year was complete shit. not jail shit or anything, but a lot has happened. the wheel is finally turning now, though. thanks for asking fuckit, might as well post until one day the site has either reflourished or suddenly shut down
  12. famished. i hate that word "hangry" although its apparently been proven how the f are you all? the 10 or so people left at all anyway
  13. "gotta have my props" -you sound like a goddamn corn pops commercial made of corn
  14. guess ill just drop some comments and wait two fucking years for this to load up with replies it should be good
  15. always a good look hahaha our ignorance an ivory toilet with an elephant tusk as a tp dispenser
  16. think ive seen a smegma freight. its a funnyass name CUMQUAT & SAMSQUANCH, bros
  17. word b to all the benching, omb. motherfuckers appreciate it i need a sugar mama
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