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  1. The whiz kid dj Leacy Roc Raida The Space Ape Gil Scott-Heron
  2. The treatment is intensive care for atypical pneumonia. And Coronavirus is the group of viruses that MERS-CoV , SARS-CoV and 2019-nCoV is a part of. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/types.html The current Covid virus might be just that combo of high spread and problematic enough to help people get through, that suddenly there is more sick people that need help than there are hospital beds that can do whats needed. And until we know more, what else than trying to let as few as possible get sick at the same time, can we do? And getting good data on how it has spred up til now must help? Or are you worried that testing is a wasted effort?
  3. As I understand it, its a SARS family virus. And as I understand it SARS viruses have a reproduction rate that is 2.5-6ish? For the current strain the experts are estimating around 3 in reproduction rate. The influenza seems to be between 1.2 and 2.4 in reproduction rate. So the spread is massive, compared. Its also completely new in a human population so we dont really know any details yet. But there seems to be quite high numbers needing medical help to get through it, and then the numbers really matter. Too many sick at the same time and death numbers going wild. Lets hope that does not happen anywhere, but lets be as careful as possible til we actually know what this virus is. And as far as I understand, testing is the only way to get new data.
  4. spiro

    Work Wear

    I'v always liked Ben Davis. but hard to come bye in europe. https://bendavis.com/
  5. Really fun to see this one. Picked up this compilation back when it was new . . . mainly based on the cover and El-P remix of roots manuva This is how it looks now after a bit of wear and tear:
  6. spiro


    Bringing this one back up . . . Always been a mixtape junky. Music never feels better than when mixed together with style and personality! One of my all time favorites!
  7. NY-outline was always my favourite for controlled but semi-thick lines http://granjow.net/imagePages/fotos-caps/sprayCaps.html_to_fotos-caps+ny-thin.jpg.html Banana Yellow is another favourite, but clogs up faster in my experience http://granjow.net/imagePages/fotos-caps/sprayCaps.html_to_fotos-caps+banana-yellow-orig.jpg.html But get one of each you can find and find whats your flavour!
  8. Taxing carbon and looking into how our environment has been effected is two very different things! Carbon tax, as most taxation only helps to gather up money to invest or spend money on something else . . . In theory it has nothing to do with climate change. In the reality, it is just another way of feeding the growth economy. In it selves it will do nothing. And looking at who is collecting the tax, there is no real reason to think it can help. If climate change is real or not, how will we know? In the future we will know for sure. And in the meantime, why is it always thinkers in offices that say it's a hoax? While everyone that has investigated the results out in nature seems to point out that there are some serious changes going on. Seawater rise is a measured fact, as its stated above, does it matter if it is "man made" or "natural"? Its still gonna make serious trouble for humans.
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