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  1. Really fun to see this one. Picked up this compilation back when it was new . . . mainly based on the cover and El-P remix of roots manuva This is how it looks now after a bit of wear and tear:
  2. spiro


    Bringing this one back up . . . Always been a mixtape junky. Music never feels better than when mixed together with style and personality! One of my all time favorites!
  3. spiro

    Question on Caps

    NY-outline was always my favourite for controlled but semi-thick lines http://granjow.net/imagePages/fotos-caps/sprayCaps.html_to_fotos-caps+ny-thin.jpg.html Banana Yellow is another favourite, but clogs up faster in my experience http://granjow.net/imagePages/fotos-caps/sprayCaps.html_to_fotos-caps+banana-yellow-orig.jpg.html But get one of each you can find and find whats your flavour!
  4. Taxing carbon and looking into how our environment has been effected is two very different things! Carbon tax, as most taxation only helps to gather up money to invest or spend money on something else . . . In theory it has nothing to do with climate change. In the reality, it is just another way of feeding the growth economy. In it selves it will do nothing. And looking at who is collecting the tax, there is no real reason to think it can help. If climate change is real or not, how will we know? In the future we will know for sure. And in the meantime, why is it always thinkers in offices that say it's a hoax? While everyone that has investigated the results out in nature seems to point out that there are some serious changes going on. Seawater rise is a measured fact, as its stated above, does it matter if it is "man made" or "natural"? Its still gonna make serious trouble for humans.
  5. random bits from Berlin 2013
  6. spiro

    On my travels

    Amsterdam 1996
  7. spiro


    My experience with CBD is through smoking. Specifically smoking CBD Critical Cure (not pure CBD but CBD dominant) To me, it has a bit of a depressing effect. Not same day, but it can accumulate over some days. Also made a few tinctures and edibles from dominant CBD strains, and for me the thing to remember is to not take too much. Don't want to add depressants hehehe Extremely helpful for relaxing muscles. But too much and you can both overdo things and get cranky over a few days. So to me strains that has just a bit CBD and high THC is the key (cant really choose these days sadly . . .) I think pure CBD is being overplayed. Like most building blocks of cannabis it's all about the balance. I have also had good experience with daily magnesium supplements. Tried Calm first and now i'm drinking Magnesium Citrate. Can't say I notice the difference day to day, but i think its helpful overall. D3 vitamin is a must up north and I'v learned the hard way to supplement with B12. B12 only seem to come through meat and crabs. Don't eat much of that so pills it is . . .
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