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  1. you guys are ridiculously dope... assholes.
  2. Here's one i just knocked out in my boy bugey's book
  3. Here's some new ones i just finished...
  4. throw a bunch of oreos in a bowl, pour in milk, grab a spoon and eat like cereal, and enjoy...
  5. Thanks guys. Here's a few of my favorite pages i've done this past year. enjoy
  6. for my boys son who really digs angry birds for mock tbm
  7. im drawing a new letter every day just to keep my letter work strong
  8. heres todays letter... these are all in a little 9'x6' book.
  9. so my new years resolution this year is to get off my ass and try to get over this spell of writers block ive had for a while and draw a new letter every day and cycle through the alphabet over and over again. heres what i have so far. i hope you enjoy... im working on the d right now...
  10. try mixing it up a little more. those are pretty much all the same "s" in those.
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