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  1. frsh262


    Rest in power unkl. I never knew u but had mad respect. My condolences go out to the SCK family. Keep your heads up.
  2. frsh262


    bump ares the homie doin it big
  3. ^ that last one is dope as fuck
  4. thanks man. i think im gonna try using some paint thinner to weather the logos a little bit and get a bit more orange on it.
  5. tryin a new style. i think it worked out pretty well.
  6. took quite a bit off. i think it looks alot better. still need to learn some technique tho and try some other mediums
  7. dont buff jesus loves this shit lol
  8. much appreciated _blank_ yeah i was thinking that it was a little too much i actually did that with watercolor, so i can easily make a fresh start. thanks for the crit tho, more would be appreciated. _blank_ hit me up, lets get some shit squared away
  9. first weathering job ive done. crits please.
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