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Everything posted by Swindle

  1. make me a moderator so i can brag about it in real life.
  2. i can confirm archer is the funniest show i have ever seen.
  3. Swindle


  4. getting upset about your cool secret interests becoming popular is so 2000 & late
  5. just jumping in to say Red Alert 2 is one of the best strategy games ever made imo, get it off pirate bay!
  6. i had a friend who did 9 pots in a night and he died, stay safe
  7. moas = fake graffiti writers? cunt are you serious?
  8. look at fucking sherlock over here with his powers of deduction and shit
  9. the show is basically the equivalent of the bold and the beautiful at this point
  10. just stopping by to tell you your friends are really sucks and you're a bad person! (probably)
  11. yes! i check your blog all the time, definitely keep updating!
  12. all her male friends are gay and any female friends i have ive fucked already. hope this helps
  13. this weird lookin mexican zoidberg thing is not an example of graffiti tattoos kinda working
  14. does anyone know where i can find that osf magazine interview? thanks
  15. i don't know, if my bike got stolen i wouldnt be mad that no one did anything, i dont expect anyone to do anything. my house got broken into in the middle of the day, my first reaction was not to get angry that no one in the neighborhood saw them/stopped them i'm white and i've stolen maybe 10-15 bikes. every single one of them was to get home on late at night/drunk. never was i like yo dats a sweet bike i could get tree fiddy fo it and cop some oxys yo werd.
  16. yea well if you didnt live the life you prolly can't relate LOL
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