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  1. 10-08 on the Australian calendar, mate.


    you list 2010 before 2008? :\




    i met this canadian dude who said he knew COS and that years ago COS beat up his friend in an alleyway. cool starry bra i no

  2. lots flicks could be posted but i like this one, the picture doesnt show it but this spot was so sick, a massive billboard on top of some high rise in south melbourne. he was known for bombing but this was a really cool piece, that i personally really liked.10338260_292135250967660_75912652778616034_n.jpg.a7a9abfd8cf29db7e4e0a43c30996a28.jpg



  3. its more than just a little bit easier. its too easy.


    i think its because people can just whip it out and check it on their phone wherever as opposed to coming to a certain website.


    dont know any instagram having any kind of passive or non-passive income for people but who knows

  4. not russian but ive banged and been with a few eastern europeans, bosnians, slovaks, from all different social circles and they all have one thing in common, they tend to get a little aggressive and crazy but not in a psycho way. not always...

  5. Re: fist666 for mod?


    tell your friends to come back


    :lol: :lol:


    oh also i literally cannot sign in on anything o0ther than my old laptop and i came back by chance because i had to ddust it off for something.


    so if all that shit gets fixed i could potential be a ~"contributing active member"~

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  6. what will make this a true 12oz story is if she thanks you for the wallet, leaves and nothing else happens, then you can come back and we can all dissect the angles or what could have happened in this truly epic saga

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