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  1. I agree with Nicklesndimes. It's just you man. Kose puts in work. If you cant at least respect that. Then you got something wrong in your brain box.
  2. Best failed attempt at negaprops in a long time. Below was copy and pasted from my user CP. Model trains 04-07-2011 08:41 AM Esko906 use that ho scale to measure ur bitchness fuckboy bitch...model trains....u fuckin pussy
  3. This is what I have been saying for YEARS. You cant go wrong with TROUT. They have never done me wrong in over 6 orders, and everytime I order from them. They take great effort in doing it right.
  4. Props for donig it right.
  5. Rustofills

    Spray Paint

    Do you get finger cramp?
  6. Rustofills

    Spray Paint

    And still mostly SUCKS.
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