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  1. bump hindue, the habits throws, and somebody else with an h... let's go with hedake
  2. HEY MAN!! There can only be one... MagazineScanner
  3. dude that fucking Robem is INSANE! RIP MIKE TYSONS DAUGHTER SON
  4. Get a better camera. $1000 HDD units at Best Buy. Get your hustle on. All Houston...
  5. Stolen from Most Wanted Vol. 6 ... available now at http://www.oinkartltd.com : stolen from xplicit grafx 3.12,
  6. And here comes XG 3.12 to save the day... buy your copy today for delivery in europe at http://www.elbtunnel.com ... CALL THE COPS WHEN YOU SEE TUPAC!
  7. bump seyoe and mega. no bump for your first time, just like fucking, should probably keep that one to yourself.
  8. 'Youth Magnet' Cities Hit Midlife Crisis: Few Jobs in Places Like Portland and Austin, but the Hipsters Just Keep on Coming http://online.wsj.com/article/SB124242099361525009.html
  9. free utah, bump ether, eror, and that big made u look roller in miami. i got love fool
  10. was literally just released i wouldn't expect it ripped real soon. available at oinkartltd.com for cheap also.
  11. great shots of that dr. sex on graffhead.com
  12. emo kid? you only wish fag. haven't been to a "deathmetal" show in my life, and i don't wear skinny jeans. i bet you have friends that do though. i don't have to post my shit online to get pats on the back by my fuckboy friends. not everyone does it - only bitches who need reassurance. and emook, you're still a bitch. that is all.
  13. i mean shit dude, if ANYBODY EVER makes any loot off ANYTHING i did illegally, i'm suing the shit out of 'em dog! and every fucking property owner who left my shit up and didn't buff it asap, i want 10% of all the money that fucker makes while my shit rides, because I CAUSED THOSE SALES not that fuckface! i mean after all, it's MY PROPERTY that's why I VANDALIZED IT!
  14. nice remix. stolen from recent issues of dirty deeds and xplicit grafx ...
  15. dudes in the same crew can say whatever they want, but if someone if the chi was rocking "flue" you'd let them know also. gloe in chicago has put in a lot of work, lots of clean trains, etc, so write the name all you want, when you post the flicks online for e-fame bumpage you're going to have people mention the shit. i honestly don't give a fuck, and i rep texas to the fullest, so talk shit to emo kids on here, not someone letting you know something on the fucking cool.
  16. There's already a GLOE... in chicago.
  17. Get 'em E! RIP ESC. FREE UTAH!!
  18. i see one commuter. more cleans.
  19. bump ygb and that youtube video. the other one in the channel where "cap crossed us" is the best thing ever "holy shit man!"
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