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  1. Kaos211


    i hate it when i try to be nice and end up getting bitched out because they own a piece of shit
  2. Kaos211

    Pugilism AKA Boxing Thread .................

    haha fuck! pacman was way too anxious,he kept faking and just got timed for that spectacular k.o. :D
  3. hannibal buress is funny as shit too.
  4. Kaos211

    The Walking Dead.

    tyrese knocking out that one zombie when they were running into the prison had me rolling... i hated how they show michonne being such a badass with blade killing zombie after zombie no problem but piercing through a 8 year olds skull some how blocked her from being to get the govnah with the rest of her sword
  5. Kaos211

    The "Answer A Question With Another Question" Superthread

    what is the name of the kid that says dynamite!
  6. Kaos211

    favorite movie/tv quotes

    "women cant live with them... thats it"- the king al bundy
  7. Kaos211

    GAME: True or False

    false tpbm is watching goodfellas
  8. Kaos211

    things people do for 5 bucks......

    i knew this chick who was offered five bucks to eat a bug and did it for one haha i asked why and she said she wanted a bottle of water
  9. Kaos211

    Car Audio

    *2 15" cvx
  10. Kaos211

    Car Audio

    Just heard 1 15" cvx in a custom sealed pretty badass Loud n deep Most likely gettin these n a massive 2000watt rms next does Anyone kno any other sub that comparable to the cvxs?
  11. Kaos211

    Car Audio

    new amp, memphis mclass 1100x1 nice clean powerful bass pushin 2 15" cvrs but i want a custom ported box to the specs but i have no clue how to build one
  12. Kaos211

    Car Audio

    Damn my plant audio amp fried out ....fuck
  13. Kaos211

    Car Audio

    What about 2 re audio srx or sex 15s which would sound better loud
  14. Kaos211

    Car Audio

    Any one hear a fi q 15? If so wat can you compare it to?
  15. Kaos211

    Car Audio

    Im lookin for a clean "sql" budget build Either four 12s or two 15s Lookin to spend around 250 - 350 for subs I wanna keep my amp if i can manage to use it Its a planet audio vx1400d 1250 rms ...thats wat the birthsheet read Its goin in a 2000 buick regal Any help!?