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  1. we used to be cool holmes you remember back in the 300's watson had the thread on lockdown rips posted pictures we was young and had our lives ahead of us. .. i hear what you are saying loud and clear. more so for the fact that you are doing it in the exact way i would do(minus ignoring basic grammar). but what i'm not understanding is how you where insulted by my lack of knowing what tumblr was even about. i even asked an honest question that was replied to by theo, and went off into the wild to form my own opinion of it that was not even
  2. just for you medcab i retire the moogle s/n can we hug it out now?
  3. heres the full dubbed movie online http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=5506628757664460254# :snowman:
  4. http://soundcloud.com/genophyte/the-great-space-escape-1 meh... its done and shit
  5. had to log in just to say this right here had me cracking up for 10 minutes..props
  6. no regret no remorse plus i was always a bit curious and wanted to see what spitfire and cos see once a month. lemon rick roll lulz. and this
  7. and bring crack and busted white girls with fat asses but no waist.. you know...the not sure if jewish or in college ones....no vegans please
  8. get your faggot ass over to locust and humbolt right now... i got crayola markers and some heat conserving curtaians i stole out of a convertible car outside alterra do it faggot
  9. Re: Motherfuckin' Surf/Garage/Psych Awesome Thread Full of Great bumpski
  10. TYPE O NEGATIVE Keyboardist Confirms PETER STEELE's Death - Apr. 15, 2010 TYPE O NEGATIVE keyboardist Josh Silver has confirmed to BLABBERMOUTH.NET that the band's frontman, Peter Steele, passed away yesterday (Wednesday, April 14) at the age of 48. No official cause of death has yet been released, but it is believed that Steele died of heart failure. According to unconfirmed reports, Steele had been ill for days leading up to his death. Mistress Juliya (a.k.a. Juliya Chernetsky) of Fuse TV broke the news on her Twitter page last night, stating that she spoke to TYPE O NEGATIVE g
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