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  1. damn been a min since i been on here, this thread used to be bustin
  2. Rest In Paint homie
  3. fresh paint on deck, hmu for colors and prices
  4. Cans on deck, hmu $4 a pop 6 packs for $20, over 20 colors. Holla!
  5. SYCE

    Wash DC

    got paint fa sell, HMU!!!! $4 a pop
  6. FRESH PAINT COMING SOON. HMU!!! ONLY SERIOUS INQUIRES http://graff4less.bigcartel.com/product/fresh-paint
  7. I feel like Imma cry.... Get yo goof ass outta here. What is actually your point. Like I said grow up.
  8. When are you going to grow up and get off my jock. I'm grown ass hell and can say whatever I want to. That's my opinion and if you don't like it oh well so be it. They don't have to build condos but something that brings revenue to the community. A store or something so wack Niggas can get a job and stop begging for change. And so what if they build condos. Who wants to look at a empty lot...
  9. http://Www.graff4less.bigcartel.com/ Check out the website. More Markers n ink coming very soon. Free stuff giving away with every order.
  10. Man dis wind a beast. U can prob only bust a few tags if dat
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