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  1. Phat bumps! Nobody wants to see whatever bullshit you're trying to post. And your homie lied about Rupt.
  2. that last production is unbelievable. i watched that shit on either gizmodo or lifehacker the other day. great video.
  3. lmao at one_one_niner first and foremost. i should bring my 6 year old on here to battle your kindergarten hands. if youve seriously been writing that long and your shit looks like that kill yourself. stop pming me faggot. and at the guy who thinks i digitally cleaned my hands up!? are you serious? i applied a threshold filter so you could see them better. they actually made them look worse. i figured you all could see the style at least but i clearly hada moment of stupidity thinking you all werent some complete shit writiers (if you all could even be called that.) op should change the thread title to Herb Handstyle Battle!
  4. If you guys can honestly vote for anyone else besides mine you have no concept of letter structure or style. Have fun gentlemen.
  5. B game. it was only 4 styles. everyone in? want to vote or just pick another word?
  6. shoulda shout out clockwork orange ^ very dope. everyone.
  7. couple styles. lets stop the beefin. just post up and have fun with words.
  8. LMFAO! Your hands are so fckin trash bruh. Maybe another 15 years. Mad cuz everyone thinks your hands are on a second grade level. Fck outta here. Ill post up later. On with the thread.
  9. seriously guy if youve been writing for 16 years and thats your hands you need to give up immediately. your hands are worse than a saturday morning shit. and if your wife can write like me then she shits on you. if you can do what i do than do it instead of writing the hot fckin trash youre posting. you and phfables or whatever his wack ass acronym is need to sit down because youre both garbage. you and your boy have one wack ass "style". instead of just messing around this time maybe ill give you a lesson in what style is.
  10. ill pick one before the end of the day. look at your hands bruh. you shouldnt be allowed to vote.
  11. dont really write much anymore. just sittin around bored and figured id participate.
  12. laughing. my. fucking. ass. off.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTOgvPVbiP0 i was wondering why MHA hasnt been around. theyre filiming major motion pictures! edit: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOKAY actually watched the gayness unfold until 3:13 on part 5.... dont watch this shit. just laugh at the fact that rupt stole his whole shit and then turn it off. fair warning. :shook:
  13. sick as fuck gits. i showed big sean this shit and he was wonderin if he could get down i told him fuck outta here :D
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