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  1. Don't apologise lol. I like it. Plus if anything, exchanges just let you play around with words you wouldn't be used to right?
  2. I liked your old shit better. Those simples you always posted a while ago. Seems like you've regressed.
  3. Sure, what do you write? I write wage.
  4. @doodle Seem really small compared to the paper size. Try to fill at least half a page and see how it goes. That e is pretty bad tho. Do up a b&w simple with no connections/add-ons.
  5. Connections don't work. Could've been sterive, strive? Background doesn't really help it either.
  6. Honestly, these are lacking. The "wang" you did was decent but these are nowhere near that. The flow in the jitsu is inconsistent and it seems to be all over the place. The J isn't benefiting from the tumor on the left edge. The slit doesn't help either. The t's bar doesn't fit in at all and neither does the s. The changing letter widths don't add anything positive to the piece either. On the second one, the style is just forced. 3D is slightly off. The little chunks added on each letter remind me of the elephant man. When dealing with addons, it's supposed to compliment the letters adding more flow to the composition rather than adding things here and there just for the sake of it. Just my opinion.
  7. That handstyle is copied and pasted on everything you've drawn?
  8. Subtlety is the key. Such as the attempt for a fill in substitute? The lines, for example, in the middle bar of the I, you could have done without in my opinion. Overlapping only a limited amount off lines would have sufficed and may have kept a "cleaner" look to it but with what you have done, the overall cleanliness disappears and you're left with something that resembles a rough sketch.
  9. Yo dahr, try using blank paper instead of lined. It might feel easier drawing the 3d with lined since there are "guidelines" to help you with it but to get over that learning curve with 3d, your best bet is with blank paper. Like computer paper or some shit.
  10. I think he meant fatten up the widths of the letters. Just some quickies. Should do this more often but eh. vice and nerk
  11. If I have the time, why not right? SESO, proportioned widths would look better.
  12. it wasn't that pixelated in gimp. hopefully that helps a bit on perspective 3d.
  13. Move along folks, nothing to see here.
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