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  1. its funny how everybody has got their panties in a bunch about something that doesnt have to do with the 99% of the people bitching, if its not your beef shut the fuck up and worry about yourselves you all seem like a bunch of bickering 12 year old girls. waaaaahhh skrew this bard thatt waaaaahhhh.. post flicks, stop crying and hop off peoples ballsacks, this thread has turned into a discussion about all of your bleeding vaginal cavities..
  2. its funny that most of you guys reactions about south jersey is that there wasnt or never will be a graff scene in south jersey, but in reality there is and there always will be writers comin out from down there, think about it phillys a stones throw from south jersey just like new york is a stones throw away from north jersey
  3. you should of put those in metal heads, half those flicks arent even philly cats, stop wasting space.
  4. at least potatoe has some what of a style, considering the fact i know 3 year olds with more potential then you so you need to shut your mouth and stay in the books
  5. i think the shows pretty bad ass and the storylines dope so far
  6. that back lip is death, that part of the wall is hectic
  7. this is the best thread by a long shot
  8. oh my god, "YOU'RE" getting on me for being proper on the internet.. im going to go cry now
  9. it could be because your a retard
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