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  1. This, and also have any important phone numbers memorized like friends, family, and a couple bail bondsmen. top things i learned during my government funded and supported stay. use bed sheets as private bathroom separators. courtesy flush during, between, and after all deuce dropping. styrofoam cups. earbuds. surround fucking sound. mufungo is very appealing. always remain cool. even if you ain't. be VERY, very weary on who you choose to rap with on a daily. jail niggas are shady. never let broke people know you got books money. if your cellmate sucks. either deal with it. work shit out. or act fast for a cell change. EVERYTHING TAKES FOREVER IN JAIL. know this and remember it. if theres anything you want to happen in a timely fashion act on it consistently. if you are poor. and have any skills whatesoever. be it rap sprays, writing letters, drawing or cutting fades, or even speaking different languages. someone. somewhere, in the confines will pay you commissary collateral. hang tuff. but not too tuff. jail niggas can sense that shit. you ain't shit in jail. so just be easy. shower in the evening if you can. waters always warmer imo and things just feel a bit more at ease. books money goes a long way. but most of all. just remain easy and read a lot of fucking books or whatever you can get yer hands on.
  2. You can pick up a hard copy at pep boys for sure, i own a 2001 blazer and my girl got a 2004.
  3. Parents selling heroin and not taking care of their resposibilities
  4. C&C dollar soda Fake diamond earnings, gold etc. Four dollar imitation cologne oils Ginseng Incense sticks, 3 big ones for a dollar and the smaller ones Scratch Offs Cd's DVDs two for five and one for ten Tapes at the dollar store $0.75 Newport 100s Prayer candles They also sell mad glass bongs and hookas and shit in my area
  5. https://lh4.ggpht.com/9dxVwxlv4SfYKKsjW-goAPP62Q28ZZVI-TF_pxIWsjY8BguuCXrae2OMsYEZiHS0vC2W8A=s108 "Fuck the frail shit... cuz when my vinyl come in they gotta use the scales that they weigh the wales wit." Quote of the day
  6. I wish facebook had a video link button. Trying to get my stat game up. Also, yo all these record collectors hating on internet shit, but hey videos are dope, i got both - shouts to youtube. Lol
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6q4TosUtOE
  8. Man, Ive had numerous bouts of homelessness and depression - the internet was always somewhere I could go to to find my friends, music and information/news. I'm trying to bump a new meme, TGFTI - "Thank God for the Internet". If you got love for the internet drop a comment how the internet has effected your life in either a positive or negative way.
  9. You a maytag son, get off my dick. :lol:
  10. Vaping is alright, I just dont have the money to afford it. Plus I think it makes your dick fall off
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