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  1. FingerCramp

    NYC Subways - the good stuff-Best thread on 12 oz!

    Love this old stuff.
  2. FingerCramp

    Spray Paint

    ^^A buck says he gets what he ordered today.^^ Either that or its just lies.
  3. FingerCramp

    Spray Paint

    Everything is wrong with this post.
  4. FingerCramp

    End Of Summer 2010 - 150+ Pictures

    Nice benching.
  5. FingerCramp

    How to fire a real estate agent...

    cant stand them!
  6. FingerCramp

    CAPS sooperthread

    ITS OVER!!!!
  7. Thats true and it worked for me. I said I was ready to kill my self because all I wanted to do was get high. I was a junkie for years. Now all I want to do is smash beaver. I think im addicted to that now instead. As all I can think about is eating out some sluts snatch or sinking my dick in her asshole. Either way its a lot better then doing what I was doing. Robbing old ladies. Once jumping and mugging a priest. No joke, all he kept saying was I am a man of the lord. That was until he passed out and I pissed on him.
  8. FingerCramp


    ^^ Co-signed
  9. FingerCramp

    Youtube toys

    Smoken toy fro man!
  10. FingerCramp

    What the shit?

    I smelled it.
  11. FingerCramp

    FRESHYSNAPPER: Summer in the midwest

    Great thread!
  12. FingerCramp

    when graffiti wasn't all about the fame

    I heard someone dropped they're shit stained underwear in here. After eating that cake.
  13. FingerCramp


    Fuck I wish I found this thread sooner. I enjoy Dextor very much. I was happy to see Rita is dead. She was pretty hot, but that bitch annoyed the shit out of me. Good thing is now that shes dead. Dex should be able to get back on his game a little.
  14. FingerCramp

    graff on kicks

  15. FingerCramp

    From Virginia...

    Self promo anyone? lol