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  1. http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk225/justangry81/bestshotofkira_zpsf76ece6a.png
  2. FREDDIES : STEAK BURGERS. who's had em ? what'd ya think?
  3. SOMEONE just discovered the oontz…hahal, only a decade too late.the only difference is if it WAS 2004, you would be catching A LOT of shit for the shameless self promotion. dope pieces tho.
  4. ^^^^^^^^^^^^ you're in washington d.c. .THE HEADQUARTERS OF THE U.S.A. what you expect?
  5. glad to see that "TOM" .dude is a beast from japan? had a blast with him in bangkok. pushin msk now?? and d30...fuckin dope
  6. there is a "2" in the beginning it says 2KEWL
  7. nice thread. my girl has "stay classy" REALLY tattooed on her ass....smh
  8. TOM!!! had the pleasure of hanging/painting with TOM in bangkok.good ass dude.no homo.
  9. that NSANE thanks for showing me where more of them dumb rollers are. yo crack saves...you in town for business or pleasure ?
  10. this is one hell of a thread fuck your bitch,i got some head.
  11. took the exact thoughts from my head.
  12. them bnsf's get stamped hard. was that an os gemos on a that panel?
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