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  1. Cheve


    Houston doesn't suck at all. And that dissed spot got fixed and buffed already so who cares.
  2. Cheve


    That DJ Screw wall is ill
  3. Cheve


  4. Cheve


    lets get this thread moving again
  5. Cheve


    Fuck. 129 people viewing this thread? Am i tripping??
  6. The fuck? ^ I hope the dude was kidding about about the whole 3-4 years to learn letter structure. If you dont have decent letters in a year or so..then uhhh...somethings definately wrong with ya. Who the hell is giving yall advice these days???
  7. I cant tell what the second letter is..looks like an 'S' but at the same time looks like an "A". With that being said, the whole thing looks unbalanced since the "N" stands straight while the other letters lean to the left. And the "T" is a bit small compared to the rest of the letters But I can see good letter structure in the R N and T. A couple of unnecesary bits here and there, but you'll realize what looks good and what hurts your piece once you progress more.
  8. This thread looks like a good way to kill time
  9. Man hip hop classics channel is tight! Especially since they play stuff like nas, big l, and gangstarr But nowadays i just listen to last.fm on the xbox. Who needs cable when ya got netflix.
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