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  1. This: And, if you ever wanted to see a movie where some chick wipes vag blood on another lady, this one's great:
  2. At work right now. Fixing Indian and Australian servers makes me want to gouge my eyes out. Fuck youuuu technical support!
  3. So, that's how they make Kombucha?
  4. what, jas7 and secr in detroit? niiiiiice
  5. Fuck drone. Have fun sniffing chinese chemicals.
  6. People can't handle the weather, even though it's Jamaica hot for the season.
  7. Oh god, someone used Arial instead of Helvetica... bricks are getting shat.
  8. What do the palm trees do? Swaaaaay
  9. Never knew Panama Jack lived in Detroit hahaha
  10. is that head lice? nope, just ronald reagan
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