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  1. can someone post more smurf, child, omen, mes2, coe, nel, thoe, etc? 90s shit!?!?!?
  2. i just wanna thank the wonderful chain of michaels for hooking me up with 12 free liquitex cans! doesnt matter if they suck, cus they were free as a bird in flight! :)
  3. saw a phoe piece over by morristown on 287 today, dope spot dude! and whats nigger got ta do with shark doing a dope piece?
  4. bump my brother swine...that piece is phresh as hell!
  5. driving around the hood in the millenium falcon, snappin" flix! :lol:
  6. bump them vintage QM8 and CTA flix...shits real dope! love the old styles!
  7. haha! bump that mes white out tag! shits funny!
  8. bump SB gang...cumin up quick and all over the place like a virgin gettin a handjob in the back of the school bus! keep it up kids!
  9. i dunno if anyone said or saw it yet...but that new series ny ink has a goze mop tag as clear as the day in the opening creditz! check it out...look for it! GO GOZE!
  10. bump otis, sape, ason, korey, genII, bride, nark, falser, and kilz!
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