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  1. this thread sucks, bump kato doubt ralf besea drain flint xanex cruks klasp trees 3A IBU and BTM.
  2. i dont even know on this boring ass website anymore but i felt like i had to say some shit.... FUCK LETGO bump ILBOP 24/7 props to my niggi KATO and DUBOT fuck you if you got beef
  3. god damm all you niggaz talk hella shit, ill fix that for you niggas just stomp on all you niggaz jaws well fuck im bout to beat the living shit out of the first cluck i see tomorroww
  4. maybe because your in it you fucking pussy im pretty sure all the thca hacked shit is because you wrote it
  5. Fuck life. if you think about it life can be pretty fucking retarted at times
  6. im a tough act to follow leave your chest hollow
  7. once said and will be said again FUCK AJAR AND EVERY MUTHERFUCKER THATS DOWN WITH HIM ajar is on that death call
  8. bump kato snide kart jeans and BC ..fuck ajar and letgo
  9. i dont really give a fuck who letgo is he is disrespecting niggas and if i ever meet that nigga he is goin down fo the count and all you shit talkers can too BUMP KATOO!!!!
  10. are you retarted? u can go suk on a lollipop my nigga
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