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  1. bump that grifter. shit is DY NO MITE! props to page too, BW comin correct as usual
  2. anyone got a bigger flick of the hell iz for children piece? shit looks dope
  3. id love to beat wickers shit in if i didnt know hed go runnin to the fuckin fuzz about an assault charge like a BITCH
  4. first off, wickersham fuck you stop posting our shit you fuckin toy. in regards to the flick B-TEAM offers our condolences from NC. I couldnt say enough how much even just seeing his thread and all else on here has inspired me. From what i can tell he was a writers writer, and his work has personally effected myself a great deal regardless of never having any interaction with him or his crews. we were devastated to hear the news of his passing. Rest in paint NEKST!
  5. heard this shit and wanted to cry, never even met the dude. remember lookin at the nekst thread a few years ago and just thinking Damn theres people out there who actually go this hard. i couldnt believe how big everything he painted was! still remember drivin on the interstate through philly and seeing that huge silver piece with the yellow backsplash he did with augor and thinking 'what the fuck why does this dude have shit in philly?' it blew my mind and really made graffiti real for me in a new way. mad mad respect for nekst. RIP
  6. man i went to atlanta for about two weeks and came through here and i saw this ahem all over....i am assuming he/she is now ahemr, whatever they were doing before looked a lot worst than what is posted so at least progression is apparent.
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