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  1. id love to eat half the food suki eats, but all im stuck with is lucky charms and vitamin water
  2. image removed by photobucket, i demand that you post it again NAOW
  3. :shook: :shook: :shook: :shook: is that actually real?
  4. long story short, brother comes crawling back to my mom's house after saying saying so much shit and that he's never coming back again. Asking for a place to stay so he can get a "job", fucking faggot
  5. cheesy, the bottom one looks way better stick to simples for now
  6. agreed. that goser and the one with the skull are dope as fuck too!
  7. liquor. asians or latinas
  8. damn....... I want to hear sabers opinion on this Bojangles keep us posted on that poster, Im curios how much somebody will pay for it
  9. emo with muscles............ ...........ERROR.......ERROR ....ERROR.......ERROR....... DOES NOT COMPUTE
  10. talkin bout that soer, shits weak
  11. fuuuuuuuck, you should of kept those to yourself
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