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  1. 7 minutes ago, mr.yuck said:

    Hmm. They look tasty, but if they accidentally slip down my throat, I might barf.

    First time I ate raw oysters as a kid I had that reaction. I didn’t barf, but made a big scene at the oyster bar whining that I was going to throw up. I can easily eat 2 dozen these days.

  2. 19 minutes ago, Dark_Knight said:

    ^this dude did an ama right after too lol

    Is it legit? I don’t believe anything I see on the internet. Not much blood for the amount of holes that guy should have in him after that amount of pokes.

  3. 2 hours ago, fat ralphy said:

    Ayebee lived that wildin out steeze - shit back in the day I remember a few threads he would start and you damn near wondered if dude was still alive by page 2.


    Even if he did fail the JRBC challenge  - dude licked Alexis Texas’s ass and thats a win. 

    The Swampfightoner vs Pony Tony fight bill that fivefingermiscount created was classic.


    Anybody else remember that? Fivefinger was definitely the illest 12oz member I had the privilege of meeting in real life. @Schnitzel knows what I mean.

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  4. 1 hour ago, fat ralphy said:

    Try as I might the Philly handstyle really is unduplicated….you gotta come up doing that shit. 


    Anyone seen the video with some Philly OG cat - talking like mid 50s comes out of retirement and is wrecking shit. 


    I guess Frisco Bus Flow it is. 

    That was Bloom….I think?

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