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  1. you gotta fuckin start somewhere... niggas aint dope when they start out... i rather look at that cats shit than some bitten shit and thats realtalk
  2. ninobrownonerok


    that battlefield bad company is lookin real nice..... call of duty 4 killer?
  3. http://www.12ozprophet.com/forum/showthread.php?t=107307&highlight=biter+thread or put it in this thread;)
  4. not at all.. arguing is why i come back nigga.. i dont wanna see the same wack flicks from the same niggas lil tags n shit if i wanna see some graff i ride tha train.. who care if this thread shit gets closed.. just make a new one. or you could just go outside
  5. mr. "all city" rite here droppin knowledge.... edit... your a toy
  6. ..... he's stylin on you huh? and you dont like it:mad:
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