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  1. so i know a lot of you spend shit loads of money on your bikes


    i need a single speed wheel set for around 100 bucks, im aware that i will get sub par quality for this price but i need to ride my bike and thats the money i have


    i found these



    are they going to fall apart after a month?


    would be nice if they lasted through summer riding 20 miles or so every few days


    if anyone can give me a better bargain that would be great


    thanks for any advice

  2. they had mine


    phone number, income, hobbies?...... shit, i guess the internet is serious biz


    if you want to remove yourself go to their site http://www.spokeo.com and type in your name, then go to privacy and post the url of your page in the proper area then confirm your the email and your gone


    or if your that weirdo that wants to know what your ex girlfriend is up to then this site is for you!

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