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  1. thrashcat

    Don't Call it Frisco

    ya blew it
  2. thrashcat

    The best of Google Video and YouTube

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ey-Sy4Qh8vI tim and eric interview maynard james keenan
  3. thrashcat

    True Life: Im a Juggalo

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YWgTHW2NAg chris-chan, the newest member to the juffalo family!
  4. thrashcat

    · • H A R D C O R E music T H R E A D • ·

    I never said anything was wrong with them/liking them, I just think they are overrated.
  5. thrashcat

    What Are You Listening to 2010ism

    talking about PV in the hardcore thread put me in the mood.
  6. thrashcat

    i WEEP for the youth

    When I clicked that first link, I thought it was going to be brokencyde or teen hearts or some shit like that. Anyway, the mom said "dude" haha. fucking dumb kid. he probably has no friends at all.
  7. thrashcat

    · • H A R D C O R E music T H R E A D • ·

    bwahaha, I bet they were also really into Ceremony and Trash Talk. I like those bands, but I mean, they are pretty fucking overrated. While we're still on the subject of PV... WEST COAST POWERVIOLENCE, LETS FUCKIN' GO!
  8. thrashcat

    · • H A R D C O R E music T H R E A D • ·

    damn dude, I'd love to see bastard noise. Love that sludgy, noisy, powerviolence.
  9. thrashcat

    What Are You Listening to 2010ism

    yeah I didn't know they were playing that night in Everett, and we were talking to some kids who were going but we had already told some people we were heading to a party that night right now its and
  10. thrashcat


    Still sounds pretty black metal to me. Whether you like Emperor or not isn't the point, they are still black metal, I mean, they are black metal OG's. Abigor, Nargaroth, Limbonic Art, Shining, and Satanic Warmaster also use synthesizers. Face it, black metal has synthesizers in it.