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  1. This. Though there are some good icicles out there....I see it as the toys choice. I also blame benchers for taking pictures of such garbage. Imagine a world where toys give up because they're greatest efforts are never recognized. Panels wouldn't be wasted, bench reports would be of better quality.
  2. dontlookback

    Spray Paint

    Clash seems to be the thickest paint I've seen. I'd have to say it's the most under rated can on the market. It's color selection is not as good tho. Beat would be an excellent sieve to make up for color selection since both brands come from the same Italian manufacturer. The yellows on both brands like you said are week....but try using the yakuza yellow. I'll respond to the rest of your post after work tho.
  3. that audio is ill. those cold trains are looking terrible with all the JUNK people are putting on them. Tags and throwups around burners is bad form. Who's teaching these people this garbage?!
  4. Cuz it's grimey breh. You don't need no fancy paint to get up....get yourself a sharpie and you got grimey fills for dayz.
  5. Oh shit.....who caught that girl in them daisy dukes at the train station!
  6. Your deducted points for saying swag. You're ultra gay if you pronounce it "shwag".
  7. I really don't see much jase anymore. When I think about freights mainly focus on what I'm doing, and maybe what the homies are doing. Kamit has consistently impressed me along with hindue. But I don't search for their freights on the Internet or anything, just my own. Lol
  8. dontlookback

    Spray Paint

    Sigh......though what you say about jobs is true....the rest is nonsense. Have you ever been to a hardware store that isn't a large corporate chain? You ever see the price of Ruston there? Didn't think so....its like 7 dollars a can. I'd like to explain why that happens but I'm on an iPhone here, I hope understand when I say I don't feel like it. So I'll leave it at, things aren't that simple and I would love to support American made paint. But I'm really questioning if it's possible.
  9. dontlookback

    Spray Paint

    Lol....deen. Stop occupying this thread. Either make some good paint and THEN tell me you know some shit....or shut the fuck up and stop embarrassing yourself.
  10. dontlookback

    Spray Paint

    Clash Beat Molotow Mtn Are all euro deen. And what's your beef with Washington? That's way outa left field. You're acting like you haven't heard this before. The minute I seen pictures of your product I had doubts about your 10 oz can *on 12oz prophet*, then I tried it and it was as expected......watery. You seem to be wasting your time hating on euro paint rather than figuring out how to make a good formula that can be produced here in the US....which is a very admirable goal. For now though facts are, euro paint AND chinese paint is accomplishing something you are not, which is producing paint that people WANT.
  11. Eskobar?!!.... What a tight word!
  12. That would have AWESOME to see that cryx take a huge fall like that!!!
  13. Why hasn't anyone said anything bout those letters on that train?! I'd rather see artfag shit. And if operation cleansweep included the artsy shit....then that would include duece 7, which alot of people jock. It would be interesting to see how people would start making exceptions to there own rules. IMO...that piece on the armn that raised the discussion is tight, without those letters. Bottom line is operation cleansweep isn't limited to just art fags or writers in my book. If I'll burn ya, or you don't have my respect, it'll get gone over.
  14. That wsor cheese boxie is tight!
  15. dontlookback

    Yard Safety

    Most every boxcar door has latches to keep them open. Plug seal doors open and close easier than the the lever and pin type. If this post was for real....than the plug seal door opens the way you closed it. If it was a lever and pin type...lol.....I hope you gotta forklift! Hahaaaa. Dumbass. I've seen forklifts have a the worst times trying to close and open those things. I've seen forklift rip the door off the track before closing them. Your boy is taking a long ride!
  16. Hahaaa....the title of this thread should be changed to "the first 5 freight writers I can think to google"
  17. dontlookback

    Spray Paint

    Also...deen, I know you were a bit sensitive about my speculation and criticism but i was you I'd improve on coverage. I know I coulda just got some of your paint that was from a bad batch.....but honestly either coverage needs to improve or the consistancy of your production does. I think the valve is the least of your problems.
  18. dontlookback

    Spray Paint

    Deen....I don't at all sell spraypaint or make spraypaint but think I have answers for some some of your rhetorical questions and comments. First off...straight graffiti shops are living a fantasy if they think they're gonna survive off ONLY or MAINLY graffiti supplies. Second....for the best profit shops should be going to manufacturers. I don't think manufacturers are willing to deal with every mom and pop shop's overseas freight issues in the world, hence distributors. I do work in import and export. Mark my words; the day aerosal can be shipped by air the game might change. I say "might" because if aerosal was able to ship by air it still may not be cost effective. It is in the distributors best interest to be able to compete within the region they supply because thats how they're going to stay afloat selling ONLY graffiti supplies. Any neighborhood shops selling graff supplies is going to be expensive because and they are going to be banking on convenience not price.
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