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  1. A documentary about the 1999 protest/ riots in seattle. The beginning is mostly some hippy shit. The cool stuff is around the end.
  2. I just watched this Mike Tyson right here. Really tragic his story. Dude came from the dirt and people just used him up through his whole career. Can't say i'm necessarily sad about how he feels when he talks about the shit he's received in the media since he pretty much shit in his own bed.. but overall, dude is something else and obviously one of the greatest boxers to play the sport.
  3. yo that ANTI-RACISM shit is fire. who did that shit? Props!
  4. i'll give a real answer. People up there are very hostile when it comes to letting new people in who dont have people vouching for them.. unless you're a girl. Those mother fuckers are so lonely in the growing season that when it comes time to harvest.. well, you get the picture. so either be a girl with large breast or have a connect. I don't suppose looking on the internet will prove to be rewarding.
  5. just said 'ill' like its 1995. ima stop now.
  7. Just for further reference, they could always bring any charges back up since they arrested you for it. It could also be used in the future if they were to get a file on you/ bag you again. Just letting you know that you're not totally free. Stay under the radar.
  8. I get so psyched whenever I come across a Mines. I remember being a shorty trying to get on my come up and him being hella positive about all that shit.
  9. I don't even notice these gas prices cuz i got a bike blod
  10. yeah, joking on that. fuck it though, whatever makes your time go by faster.
  11. just reposting this cause it's true. Best thing is to be yourself, I've found. Laugh when people clown on you an clown back. If you're a youg'n listen very closely to the OG's that you're bunking with. It's just the way the hierarchy works and you can't do nothing about it. Assuming that everyone on this site draws, tell hella people in your bunks that you draw. You'll make friends fast and it's a good way to speed up your time and you can get some soups out of it. Read hella books. A lot of jails and prisons will only accepct books through mail from publishers and book stores. Get you're homies on the outside to find some connects through these venues. A lot of 'radical bookstores' (like, anarchist, leftist bookstores) will be more than glad to do this. Take a shower everyday if you can. Catch tags with tooth paste.
  12. Lost your number, homie. Hit me up!
  13. Mike Easley


    Bought a Raleigh frame off of a crack head for 8 bux. chyea.
  14. There's a Grief going hard in the bay area right now, definitely a different one. what's good NC? It's been a hot minute.
  15. I went from southern AZ through Mount Zion ntl park over the summer. Beautiful shit.
  16. anyone every heard of anyone going through North Platte with no problems. I'm just wondering, always hear some funny and interesting stories from those parts
  17. sup ya'll. traveling through your town. wud up
  18. Caught a Fowl rolling through past the North Platte on a Santa Fe grainer. No pics. bummer
  19. You know for a fact??:five-o: :five-o: :five-o: :five-o: :five-o: :five-o: :five-o: :five-o: :five-o: :five-o: :five-o: :five-o:
  20. I live in Arizona. Some of your 'ideas' are already being tried and already are not working -Undocumented communities are scared of calling 911 and applying for government assistance because of laws like SB 1070. However the population of undocumented folks has not gone down. It''s not to uncommon to hear someone got deported because they tried to go to the emergency hospital out here. It's also not to uncommon to see Border Patrol inside these hospitals. So this 'idea' is full of bologna. -Border Patrol is the highest paid position you can receive in the government sector without needing anything more than a High School diploma. Why in the world would troops want to stoop down that low? Besides, Border Patrol spokes people have said this time and time before. They cannot catch every single person out there crossing the border. Instead they implement a tactic called "diversion by death" which means that they would rather funnel people into the most deadlier parts of the border (i.e. the sonoran desert). The idea is that the trip crossing the border will be such a deadly deterrent that people will no longer want to cross. This has not stopped or decreased people crossing the border. -So many government agents on this side of the border are being paid off by the cartels that it would be a joke to just go up into areas affected most by the drug trade and try any way to 'slow it down'. I think the US government knows by now that if they had any desire to slow things down it would turn into an all out war. And honestly, I don't see your argument here that this would stop undocumented folks migrating across the border. Maybe the idea is that communities would be safer? Truth, however, it would not erase the economic desperate that Mexico and the rest of Latin America has been in since the start of the North American Free Trade Agreement. -McDonalds for example around my area have been raided because of suspicion of them hiring unemployed workers. Kind of funny though, when they raided the Mcdonalds they couldn't find anyone worth the time to hire! Even with this happening, undocumented peoples population has not gone down. -50 million documented Americans already don't pay their taxes, what makes you think the government can start tracking down undocumented folks. haha. -Check points in Latino neighborhoods, raids on workplaces suspected of hiring undocumented folks is an all to common thing. They do these to check peoples expired work visas. Again, the population in undocumented folks has not decreased You Mad??:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  21. I didn't read any of this thread because I can only expect the usual 12 oz buffoonery and sometimes I don't want to deal with yalls dumb ass comments. however I will say this. My family is illegal and all yall haters are fucking mad and that shit is funny as a mother fucker. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha
  22. yo. So a lama calls sick into work, right. And when the lama calls into work the boss man is all like. 'Yo lama, this is the the third time you called sick into work. You're obviously bullshiting me." Lama is all llike, "yo boss, i'm for real. I think im a little sick. Infact, I think im a little hoarse." Yo. Up the punx, shout out to all my homies. I'm on the fucking internet yo. I'm mother fuckin big time. fuck the mother fuckin police son. sshiiiiieeeet
  23. I was there that night. We marched from Oakland to Berkley. The march was hella chill and a lot of fun. Berkley showed us mad love when we rolled through. I was there for the march on the 19th too, TONS of people!
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