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  1. He stated he then tried to go back to sleep:confused: This nigga took a plunger in his ass,then tried to sleep it off?
  2. That nigga ain't from my crew.How you gunna put me up,yet I have no clue on who you are.
  3. http://www.xhamster.com/movies/1506431/aputee_teen.html I'm pretty sure id hit from the back
  4. Now i wasnt sure if i should post this in the DSLR Video thread,but here we go. Any recommendations for FD lenses for shooting video? Especially in low light? I have a Olympus E-PL1 with a canon fd adaptor..
  5. I'm no longer high and found the thread..sorry
  6. Is there a software that does layouts for magazine? Im thinking of putting out a zine,but have no clue on how to lay it out. I hope this makes sense to someone..#Imhighbr0
  7. GlenQ


    less of everything else,moar Paebak
  8. Jus got laid off,hella high and depressed at home with a newborn..
  9. Thats the homie Kevin doing that tattoo..hilaruous!
  10. GlenQ


    FUS!!! bump my niggas AUTO,ISER,CAP and DUEM!!!!
  11. MOBS! Was,Swerv and that MERCE car is dope!
  12. choro lajae and did kose go over CO?(crude oil)?
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