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  1. When I wake up at 4am, with a case of mild to moderate shakes and need a drink to go back to bed, but can't. Fucking bogus.
  2. False. The person below me owns a color wheel.
  3. ^ Depending on the job you have: Bang her. obviously you can with ease cause she's a slut, acquire stolen goods from said place of employment. Everyone wins.
  4. Malin


    Hello. My name is Malin and I'm an alcoholic. forsit, you should have thrown something at him. Preferably a trash can.
  5. I would lick any female pornstar's shitter, old or not (HIV/AIDS excluded)... Bless their empty, black, cold hearts. All of them. Seriously.
  6. False. The person below me knows someone with an STD.
  7. False, but I wish. The person below me has already started drinking today.
  8. False. The person below me can't cook a good steak.
  9. Smash milf in Ghostface shirt.
  10. True. The person below me is drunk.
  11. The body is perfect. That right there, fellas, is perfection. MUST SEE FACE.
  12. Eating oatmeal and drinking a glass of cran and vodka.
  13. She's pushing, 2 and a half, if that. Don't get me wrong here...I'd let her gag on the pork sword.
  14. My freezer makes this sound too. I fuckin' hate that shit. I turned down the temp inside of the fridge and it seemed to work. Good luck, man. That shit is bogus.
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