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tomb of the unknown

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  1. I have always been a fan of the technically amazing fill. Clean crisp simply stylized letters and a mind blowing fill is where it is at. Doing a piece that is amazing is great but if no one can read it well.....Noted I am not discounting the work people put in that is completely illegible. I just prefer the simpler forms of the art.
  2. Why does it look like Hoer is wearing girls capri pants?
  3. Desn TA has been painting since like 1996 and by his rep I don't think he gives a fuck what others write. Bump the TA boys for keeping up on their spots.
  4. Paintin yards were he doesn't belong will get the Just a scrub treatment. If your unaware it basically puts out there 2 things. 1. said person is not worth the time and it lets people see who is getting ragged and who did it. 2. suckas just a punk ass scrub.
  5. Trying to get one to work. this was in the book my dude has. If anyone can fix this or help me out. It would be sweet.
  6. good post but this kid takes the show.
  7. Might have been they were it was in a yard they were not welcome in. The car that was painted on would be cause for being gone over alone. And depending on the person they could just not like them. I know Pask is ese and there are a few TA cats that still hate him.
  8. Probably one of the only things I have ever agreed with you on.
  9. Looks like somebody went to a yard they were not welcome at.
  10. I"d be willing to say it wasn't even thought of. good call sir
  11. they are all over southwest ohio as well
  12. sweet jesus. I wanna see the pic of the first roller underneath all of that junk. The start of the dark.
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