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  1. hip hop isn't just about music friend. he does graffiti which is an element of hip hop. and sure graff was around before hip hop,but its all under one roof now.
  2. i dont knwo if anyone else has said this but the rapper FAT JOE write CRACK from tats cru
  3. i cant seem to find any books :(
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Chubbs (View Original Post) i never lose anything, i check my pockets every 5 seconds same... but ive lost a few markers an shit but thats about it,ando ne time a belt...
  5. on sorry for the double post but the gremlins.. or furbies are reaal nice maan
  6. is that a real tatoo..or you draw it on that girll ?
  7. not likin the add ons ruck...liek the lasts ones though
  8. i like the coloured one
  9. renz or gary... maybe later..lets tsop tawkin on this thread now..we ruinin it for wst!
  10. yo renz dawg..dont be playa hating...kiddin on...just like the word fly... just as you woould say kool
  11. as i seaid i know...some of my letters and add ons are bad...and i jus got annoyed wen tehy thought it was a bite... ill try to not take it so serious nex tyme lol:D
  12. yeah i realise that some letters and add ons are bad,i just got annoyed wen someone said they thought it was a bite
  13. zone and teh whole of wst are flyy
  14. sale i liek the A in the aids piece
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