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  1. man i really wanna just reclaim OG status in the ink field, but fuck it. im tired of saying the same old shit. all of you can fuck off and die. im going to CSR. except bigmetalcircus and a few others, you guys are cool. yeahnation knows what im talking about.
  2. what do they come on? i havent seen them yet. im still fuckin stoked about trout art supply having restocked their caps. loyalty.
  3. i like the markals... and you cant beat free marker shipped for free to your house with two other nice markers. i heart markal.
  4. its dB what cap we talkin about here?
  5. the cap doesnt rock back and forth. remember, this is tire shine caps we are talking about. they look like a little fire extinguisher with a red trigger. the base of the cap grabs the can. it sprays just fine once you get the paint that leaks out to dry. it seals everything in place. at least it did for me. i built it, it leaked, i got tired and went to bed. the next day i tried it out to get a better look at where the leak was coming from, and no leak! so i could only assume the leaky paint sealed whatever leaks i had. now i must go take a leak whil;e i eat leeks
  6. pics or it didnt happen.
  7. dBking

    Spray Paint

    officer: sir what are you doing?! 561!: Oh, im just spraying for deer... officer: *looks around* so uhhnh, you get alot of deer in the city? 561!: ummm... ?
  8. sweet hahahah i should try that just to say ive tried it. im bout to go paint the city brown...
  9. im bout to cop a few homax caps. havent tried them yet. ill let yall know when i try it out. i made an adapter to adapt caps for wide stems onto small stems without melting anything. specifically the little trigger cap on the tire shine cans. i sliced the pointy top off of a clicky pen (the end you write from) which is a little cone. the stem goes in the cone, the cone goes in the cap. a little bit of paint dripped onto it sealed it on there nice. but at first the cap just spewed paint everywhere when i first put the adapter in, but opnce the paint in the cap dried, it made it water tight so the shit doesnt leak. i love this cap.
  10. speaking of fire extinguishers, im rocking a wd40 cap (the bendy kind with the long range and short range all in one cap.) if you have painted with one you know what i mean... the long end gets crazy distance like a sekt, and the short end gets real skinny lines for like close to the wall handstyles. shit is red hot. and the new tire shine caps arent worth dick. i actually paid for a can (you have to pay for SOMETHING) and when i got home (on very shiny tires might i add,...) i put it on the can and the shit is too big for the stem of the can so what i am going to do is either increase the size of the stem with a few rounds of clear tape andf a a dab of super glue, or i will actually just melt the inside of the cap and press my lighter on it and make a new hole for it. by the way i dont know if i told you guys about that but to adapt non standard hair spray caps onto a thinnnner downstem like on a painters touch, heat up a roofing nail or something flat and press it on the big hole so that it seals, and then use an exacto or something to poke aq hole the size of the stem you need, just like they used to make the YL fat cap that oink used to sell same concept, different cap. hope this helps someone. i am a shit typer right now. just got tangled into a 4 foot bong and got my ass handed to me.
  11. dBking

    Spray Paint

  12. graffiti-wise, my town is small i guess. a tag can ride around here till mother nature buffs it. depends on the area, and oddly enough, skill of the handstyle... ugly handstyles are always the first to get buffed.
  13. im all about pilots. comes out the box staining with bleed thru action.
  14. hahah man i just was on CSR we have a new admin.... the suspense!!! to those of you who dont know, CSR is an invite-only graff forum cuz i am just to 31337 to talk to you jerkoffs all day without going apeshit on old ladies and shit...
  15. dBking

    Spray Paint

    ^^^ fucking amen. tell them whats up ironlak.
  16. yeah that is motsly why i just say fuck it when it comes to getting ink to stain harder. there are no insides in my city to hit unless ur in a building and thats ju7st homo sometimes... around here it is just enamel paint, sometimes pen ink or acrylic, but i just focus on writing my name more before i spend money on a stainer. UH OH 3 STARS!!! IM GOING PREMIUM BITCHES!
  17. use a certain brand of toilet bowl cleaner in a mop and it will really do the works on stainless steel; it makes a never ending rust tag. it can be buffed, but then it just rusts again.... oh yeah, wear gloves... and a cock-sheath of some sort if the mop is riding shotgun in your front pocket.
  18. hush now ^^ that cap is the shit when used as a thin cap, with the identical looking but different elmer fat cap as the fat cap for fills. i think you may be thinking about an elmer fat, because until trout sent me one of his boston thins, i thought they were identical, but were two quite very different and equally usefull caps. i just dont think you guys are giving that cap a fair shake. i have replaced the rusto fat with the elmer fat in my everyday use, and i have replaced all thin caps with that rusto thin. it just works. any cats that use rusto will know the significance of that statement.
  19. i have nothing against woodcrafts. i have tags still rolling from over 8 years ago in a woodcraft black. they used to make silvers also. this was back when they were called "Terracotta Markers" man i miss those silver ones... they came in a super hard hdpe thick black tank.
  20. where do you get them?
  21. pure wisdom. love this guy. so where you been man tell us of your travels.
  22. holy shit ASDF-VA! My mentor himself. everyone show some respect. props for all the times when i didnt have any to give ASDF, glad to have you back.
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