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  1. Slow Burn by lobbs, on Flickr Oil on Wood panel. "Slow Burn"
  2. solid page. That Tead and Heist!! Bryer as always. Ridle ender rilla good stuff.
  3. Thanks for posting some real names^ Heist burning everyone always. True style and talent indeed. Seer Awal crow Garde Resp Phrite
  4. A little Oil on wood panel. Havent posted in a long time. Hows everyone doing?
  5. Seer and Milk looking nice.
  6. Great post. Heist Kerse Night looking good.
  7. Hes green so he shall be posted on St.Patty's Have fun tonight everyone.
  8. Great shots man....keep em coming.
  9. Feeling that black and blue throw by Desto...
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