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  1. Marty Robins - El Paso my grandpa used to love that song. They played it when Walt started the car. pretty cool
  2. really gonna miss this show. who do ya'll think the ricin is for?? maybe for Gretchen and Elliot
  3. Bel got style runnin' through his veins
  4. Walt is probably going to die and I accept that, but Jesse played the fool since the beginning. Killing Jesse off is some cruel shit. Does anyone think there might be a connection between the writer and the characters, like some of them might represent different people in his life or that Jesse might represent who he is and the connection between Jesse and Walt might represent his relationship with his father or something. I think in a lot of movies or shows characters are really created off of who we know and experience, just with different story lines built around them... Art imitates life .
  5. I imagine Jesse ultimately being the victor in the end. A twisted fucked up ending probably, but I think Jesse ought to come out on top and alive hopefully. I would be pissed if he doesn't. That would be a bitch move to pull on an audience. I can't say I would mind too much, though.. the over all craftsmanship of the show would irrefutably outweigh a shitty ending
  6. Thanks for the incite, Husk. That remembering Hank video cuts deep.
  7. i don't think it was an ar15 that was used.. rumor has it
  8. Your fills are superb, bon appetit.
  9. I only read your first sentence to avoid spoilers, you on the east coast?
  10. haha ^^ true, i do that too.. or pretty much anything i create or when i photoshop or edit photos. constantly scanning looking for imperfections
  11. Ah, man. This bites. Jade is up hella in the north west. I always wanted to meet him. Saw his stuff around a lot. I think I just missed him a few times. Never got the chance. I'm sorry for your friend, guys. He will be missed. REST IN PEACE!!!!!!
  12. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/07/06/referee-player-killed-brazil-soccer-fans_n_3555436.html
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