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  1. GOGP, never seen this 1 before. Very cool. Have a Happy New Year to you & yours.
  2. Vew & York Putting in great work. Don't know either 1 but kudo's to both...
  3. I loved seeing ELF tags. I'd practice them constantly when I wasn't paying attention in elementary school! RIP...
  4. Great flics NYCISDEAD. Bump that OVIE...
  5. ^In my opinion, a great book for those who were there or know about the crew. To each their own...
  6. What the fuck was Jim Palmer thinking... :rolleyes:
  7. Still like to know how that all started...
  8. ^ Bought 1 on ebay only for the seller to say it was out of stock. Fucking liar! Where did hyou buy yours?
  9. Vince Loose <---Cool stuff! Eroc tag is best!
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