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Everything posted by ELDWARFO

  1. I cant get enough of these guys
  2. All India Radio (Into Explosions then you'll dig these guys) Lucky Rippled
  3. Awesome band from Ireland, pretty young too. Enemies - We've been talking.
  4. Cant believe i slept on animals as leaders
  5. A few of my buddies had an awesome surf band a few years back, almost got signed to a label ended up going different ways shortly after that. Zombie Army http://www.myspace.com/thezombiearmy
  6. You should give these guys a listen to Toe
  7. Will always be one of my favorites Pelican - Lost in the headlights
  8. Metal, Surf, Electronic, Beats, if you got something worth listening to lets hear it.
  9. These guys DESTROY! Red Fang - Prehistoric Dog http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fuRKRFjm-HA Red Fang - Wires
  10. The Heavy Eyes DESTROY!, kinda like Sword's younger brother but heavier.
  11. fuck yes my polish brother!!
  12. what if it were you hanging up on this wall, if it were you in that sandwich you wouldnt be laughing at all.
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