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Trop Vrai

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  1. so people like you will talk about him
  2. even if that is a real gun, having a gun isn't impressive. Id like to see you use it. hhahaha get fuckin clipped for attempted murder over graffiti beef?
  3. Look who's trying to get some attention... State your name pussy
  4. Quit posting your stupid, no style tags on here. This is for quality shit. Bump nekst fares g8r mskillaz
  5. Either way, i see a hell of a lot more nixon in my day to day life than I do fomer, dock or this rusto prick.
  6. Dok and fomer over nixon? ain't they tfb?
  7. uhhh sake the hates internet.
  8. That picture is so old you dumb bird. Oh and sake bombs more than you would dream of, so go rack some paint and get off the computer.
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