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  1. yeah, that is pretty retarded that they did a piece on a high school
  2. Yeah, the laminated guide was what they were looking at when they said no more than a liter.
  3. What about volume restrictions? One post office employee told me parcels could not exceed 1 liter of volume in aerosol. That's 33 ounces, about three cans.
  4. Anyone have problems shipping spray paint in USPS flat rate boxes? I've shipped that way a couple of times; no problem, just alerted the postmaster it was aerosol and needed to ship ground. Today, I went to a different post office with two flat rate boxes full of paint and one regular box full of paint. The employees told me I couldn't ship flat rate priority boxes ground, and I needed to provide ORM-D stickers myself.
  5. I put up some 1950s Markal Paintstiks in the box on ebay
  6. I am heading East on the Highline from Washington State in a couple of weeks. I'll be using a scanner for the first time. I know to get off in Havre for the 1000 mile checkpoint. Any other heads up between Spokane and Minneapolis?
  7. I was wondering why he wasn't considering completed listings, too. I will tell people whatever I can to get them to hold cans. The people I deal with are busy with antique furniture and more widely collected antiques, etc. Even if I tell them the possibilities of selling collectible cans, half of them will still throw them away. Nobody gives a fuck except for us.
  8. This kid wants to trade me his Baby Blue 68 Krylon Paper Label says he really needs some herb I don't know if that's a rare can, and I'm not really jumping on it because I'm accustomed to all my cans being awesome surprises but if anyone needs this can, get ahold of my asap
  9. found this photo on flickr a couple of months ago; knew the guy was in town, so I sent him a message but he didn't get back to me so I finally meet him while I'm painting a free wall, and I wanted to make a trade or two since I have quite a few sherwin krylons already he said "I'm trying to save them for when they're worth money" or something when I do find kids with vintage paint, they think because a few cans sold for a lot on eBay they shouldn't trade with me and that's fucked (not that I want any of those cans that bad, but this other kid has some 68 baby blue paper labels)
  10. Unsprayed Tartan Ford Red, KMart cans, condomized Krylon Bright Silver and Charcoal Gray
  11. I guess I'll leave it at that. Until next time!
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