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  1. shit...first thread on new computer...will resize...come back later
  2. I trust we'll all be out benching and painting more in coming months
  3. aren't there any outlines with numbers and stuff on them? I'm looking for some TTX, BNSF and Boise Cascade boxcar outlines...just to get creative on avoiding numbers
  4. Love it. I traveled the country last summer, but didn't meet any writers. Saw stuff from Swampy D, Reader, Whistle Blower, Crime21, Evade, Old Crow. These people all ride freight and most of the time I only see handstyles, with the exception of Swampy and Reader. I was following some other freight riders Yele, Scabs, Salty Dog, LPV from Portland, Maine, through Boston and Worchester, then Cleaveland. Malvo was in almost every city I saw. Erupto is obviously quite the road tripper.
  5. I can't believe how little some people find money. Thinking of all the coins included, I've probably picked up well over $1000, including $52 out of a garbage can.
  6. 1. ride train 2. get dog 3. face tat 4.... 5. retire with partner on organic farm 6. profit
  7. No freight trips planned; at least until it warms up. Unfortunately, I forget to pull out my camera most of the time, or the train is too shaky to get a straight shot.
  8. woops posting drunk i guess. hoppin' outta chicago on CP today, mpls bound
  9. p.s. yall are retarded kill yerselves and rollin' nowhere get at me let's paint
  10. Take the commuter rail to Worcester, MA...the hop out is across the tracks from the station. Just made it to Chicago from there on CSX. Watch out for N.Baltimore, Ohio. Only ride IMs with Pigs!
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