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  1. PM if you want a copy 38 pages, black and white, select photos
  2. InfraRed

    Spray Paint

    Yes, it is very hard to paint over. Other paints just slide off of it; all the buff man's paint will be on the ground with your piece intact! I got some Red Devil with a blue label at a yard sale. It is gloss black and from the test in my garage seemed like good enough paint for outlines. Though I know the other stuff, I think the black label, is garbage. They sell it at Big Lots
  3. Keep all your bars the same width, make all your angles exact. Make your piece look like the most simple font; you have to practice keeping consistent bar width before you can do extensions, connections, etc. Use graph paper at first if you have to.
  4. omg me too. you guys do this, like, a lot?
  5. Thanks for the throwback. Gives me motivation to preserve freight history
  6. you don't need money check out the Reader interview in Juxtapoz I made $1000 go 2-3 months last summer and ate whatever I wanted.
  7. I might have cared if I'd ever seen your work other than online.
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