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  1. can i see some philly que mas? some praez or kare
  2. wow that vism is fresh. i wanna see him switch it up like that more often
  3. bump atp team. fuckin awesome to see all these dudes out paintin new shit again
  4. dope meez, like how he had a tag on the truck before his blowup
  5. dsm shit can be good if they try. if you look thru that post chek and cro both can do decent bombs, it just seems cro doesnt give a shit anymore. plus that baye piece kills. is he better yet? anyone know. i was him in that motorcycle accident right? i might be confused
  6. bump jerome from philly
  7. http://www.mook-life.com/pittsburgh-oldschool/ old school shit, got some classics
  8. rime, dr sex, i think chip, ..pretty good unseen footage
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