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  1. fuck murdamyth, son it doesnt take one from your city to recognize your ignorence, you self promote how fucking stupid you are. No one here appreciates you, and you contribute nothing.
  2. dude get my dick outta ur mouth already this nigga loves to talk about me its like w/e tho
  3. not actually.. she's not marked up so there 100% hers
  4. is it that serious that you have 2 write an essay..that i didnt read
  5. then y dont you stay where your at and keep ur mouth closed nigga. nobody asked you wut u think about me.. get off my dick hoe..
  6. completely unfamiliar with her and "the hills" but i'll tap that anyday
  7. ziggystardust and garcia_vega no homo.. those guys talk mad shit for no reason and they dont get banned
  8. oh yea.. im a writer.. i forgot about that shit
  9. c'mon man dont ban me again.. i had 2 wait like a year and a half last time to get back on...
  10. george bush is giving out free money to people who worked last year.. ima get that shit and im only 17..
  11. and i know u love this shit.. bcus u motherfuckers are on this shit 24-7
  12. i love 12 oz bcuz i can put my 2 cents in.. well until i get banned.. i hope and pray i dont tho
  13. favorite 12oz member.. pretty gay if you ask me
  14. :lol: u a funny ass bitch
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