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  1. I'm guessing your talking about popps? we swung through there saturday night...super fun park.
  2. yeah thanks for the support folks. Phase one is being built regardless and will be done in july. if you looked at the rendering phase 1 deals with the street section up to the "stage", or the stair set with a roof. Hopefully we get some backing and the construction of phase 2 & 3 continues, but it doesn't look like we'll be getting the pepsi grant. and a small contribution to the thread. heres a little clip i made of mostly digi cam footage from last year. http://vimeo.com/10533356
  3. Thanks for the votes and thanks for pointing that out sneekatoke. We started this thing off in third and held it for two weeks...then just watched it drop and have been stuck in eleventh for a while now. part two of the field ops is up on the berrics and explains a little more about the park.
  4. I haven't been to this site in years and hate to leave spam as a return post but... My city and local shop are currently building a skateplaza. We have funding for the first phase and are diligently trying to get support/funding for the second and third phase. Right now we are trying to win the pepsi refresh grant that would make it possible to finish phase two and are in need of votes to do so. the plaza is an hour from philly and an hour and a half from ny. you can check out the project at www.homebase610.com or check out the field ops on www.theberrics.com. if you have a second to le
  5. frontside rock and rolls, frontside 50-50's, basically frontside tricks in general. Thats always my hang up on transition anyways, i learn all the backside tricks because they are more natural then it's hard to learn things frontside.
  6. planet rock clip was dope. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CFFMzSRhmP8&feature=related and more Rammelzee cause i'm a fan. It was a rainy day but he made it worthwhile, short clip.
  7. 60% before you, switched ips and another 60 after you. It almost looks clean
  8. Leslie, the slab, some hoagie shop where employees consistently repeat your order back to you all wrong, skatepark of austin and hugh jazz skatepark, vert ramps in backyards, etc...nothing but love for austin.
  9. ...and another 40% on the one. As i was cleaning someone was right behind me with more crap. anyone else out there?
  10. used about 160% on the 2 alone. is there a key shortcut for straight lines on a mac?
  11. just saw this on crailtap. at least it'll be a skate contest and not an extreme game this time around. http://www.maloofmoneycup.com/overview.html
  12. so half of the one is missing and i'm at an ip with only 5% ink.
  13. this dude schralps in baggy and tight jeans.
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