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  1. You're nameless and you just made this SN..Being on 12oz yrs ago doesn't give you cred either, lame. Amend is family so go ahead and think I jock you fucking square. like I said too, crews from oakland and respected writers who've been around for longer than me our my nigga amend, praise amend and his style. so again, your opinion doesn't really matter when he's already getting told by OGs that he is doing it.
  2. Nice useless 1st post. Amend is on Oakland king status so fuck your opinion, it doesn't mean shit. A couple cats from out of town have definitely done their work and gone all city, most avoid certain hoods though. I'll throw out Nesta as an example of a non local going all city on king status, but there's only two local writers that I along with a lot of Oakland/SF OGs will say is on king status, and Amend is the better painter than ceaver. Both are Oakland kings. if you disagree then you're a blind fool unaware of the strong culture of hardcore oakland writers who've been smashing their city for over a decade. I bet you don't even know any of the 'kings' in TDK who you speak of.. I can guarantee it, because all the homies in TDK give Amend the crown. I think their opinion of the king speaks volume to some nameless chump with 1 post on 120z. (Not that post count on a website means anything. don't get it twisted).
  3. All dope flix. Good to see my nigga Sent active again and coming with some funky shit. I used to run into him every week at the yards way back when. *And that Twick ICP is over that HOE Ashes. idk why he trying to come off like he get more respect from ICP then a King like Amend. The frisco fam has noting but love for Amend/TDK. Believe me ashes, you're gonna get checked hard for that out of pocket comment. I'll have you flat on your back again if I ever see you in the town.
  4. Uploaded with ImageShack.us 1 more pic and I'm done with this/you.
  5. This is NOT Amend hoe. 6 years is a long time to hold a grudge. If you think Amend is a bitch then why didn't you all do shit a week later when he was all alone?? Town taxes, nothing personal. I guess you know how it goes at the yards now. I'm not even gonna waste my time guessing if this ashes or not. I haven't seen you around since that day. Now that the cats out the bag, I don't think Amends gonna be feeling that icp comment..
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